Rush Hour Alleycat I : June 24th 2015

I posted an event on the pedalpalooza calendar after becoming obsessed with cycling artist Lucas Brunelle’s YouTube. During the preceding week I received no emails from potential riders, so early that day I cancelled the event on the site. To my surprise 3 individuals contacted me 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Strangers at the time, but I have since gotten to know this core three who made up our first race. Casey, Ian & Oxman all agreed that they would be happy to run the race via SMS TEXT. Right before my eyes, my dead race came back to life. I can’t thank these guys enough for the enthusiasm they brought, helping make this dream a reality.

L2R 3rd Oxman 1st Casey 3rd Ian
L2R 3rd Oxman 1st Casey 2nd Ian

Check out Casey’s Strava map and the pictures that confirm he was at all 5 checkpoints!

First RHA







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