Rush Hour Alleycat II: July 9th 2015

L2R 3rd: Taylor 1st: Rinaldo 2nd: Ian

A steady stream of sign ups came in after posting this event.  13 people signed up in all and 12 showed, dispite 2 bowing out last minute, so you can do the maths yourself on that one.  The previous weeks were spent creating and posting flyers (Thank You, Disney™ ) and I had time to visit a LBS which was kind enough to supply us with discarded gears and disk brakes which I spent the next several days turning into trophies medals.   Arriving at Terry Schrunk Plaza felt great, it was exhilarating to see the group divided in half, chatting and stretching in their separate corners.  I informed everyone that they should lay the bikes down on their sides in the bottom of the brick circle, gathering them all together for a breifing I explained the rules.

This week there were 5 checkpoints.

At each checkpoint, I had previously placed a map and cross streets of the next one.

Riders were to take a selfie with each sign, for proof that they had been there.

In the event that a sign had been tampered with, they were to text me for the next location.

I asked if there were any questions, they all said “no” so right as the clock struck 6:30 I held up the first sign I had been hiding on my clipboard.  N. Thompson & N. Kirby Within seconsds, the circle was empty. A scattering sound of feet, and then clinking pedals and they were off, completely out of sight and on their own,




I ran home and got 2 gallons of water out of the freezer, and some plastic cups. and headed for the finish line. The Instructions located on the back of the final checkpoint before the finish line were :


Rinaldo came in first with enough time to dismount and walk into the fountain on foot!

IMG_0014Next, and for the 2nd week in a row, in 2nd place, Ian!

Taylor was our 3rd place finisher this week.  He had completed a 100+ mile trip just hours before, what a trooper!


Last weeks winner, Bike Messenger Casey came in shortly after him, and might have won if he had not helped a lost Taylor find his way to the finish line, only to lose him last second at a tricky light.


IMG_0016 IMG_0017 IMG_0018IMG_0030



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