Rush Hour Alleycat III: July 23rd 2015


This week’s race had a great turn out. 11 people registered, 1 dropped out without notice, and 2 more just showed up without emailing, for a total of 12 again this week, and if that’s the plateau the August 6th race is going to be great!  I’d like to note that for the first time 25% of the racers were female, but they are slightly more than half the population as a whole, so we have some room to grow there!

It seriously helps for you to sign up, even just a few hours in advance. Email: I’m in for the next race to

I have noticed that the dates are wrong on the flyer.  The race has NOT moved to Friday, it is still Thursday.  8/6, 8/20 & 9/3 are the correct dates, so set your calendar.

This week there were less questions from participants, and people were very eager to get started.   At 6:20 Manifests were handed out, on the back was a map, on the front a description of all 8 Checkpoints, each one a public work of art, and the location of the finish line.  For proof, they had to take a picture of themselves or their bikes at each statue.

ManifestJuly23rd ManifestMapJuly23rd

17 16 15

All the bikes were in a pile at the bottom of the brick circle, and they were not allowed to be touched until 6:30.

21 13

Chad, this week’s winner reminded me time was up and I yelled out”Go!”.  Off they went quickly disappearing into the city streets.  This is my favourite part of the race.

23 27

25 26

All except OxMan and Cyrus, who seemed either confused or supremely confident.  Notably missing from the pack entirely were Casey & Ian, one injured the other a hard working fella whose couldn’t get off work.

28 29

I moseyed on over to the finish line and waited for people to arrive so I could check that they had collected all 8 photos.

33 minutes later Chad showed up and got in the Fountain, only to discover he had missed statue B, Allow Me (the umbrella guy in Pioneer Square).  He re-mounted and made his way there and back, but not before Kaya finished!  Though upon checking she too only had 7 of 8 photos, and her missing one was by the Moda Center (which is what our basketball stadium was called here in 2015, readers from the future).  Sensing her situation was untenable, she gracefully bowed out and accepted a DQ, with an Honourable Mention!


A minute later Chad was back and re-claimed first place from the jaws of defeat.  As I mentioned on twitter, I’m not actually sure which time this picture of him is from, but it is glorious still.  Shades of last race’s Rinaldo picture, no?


Next in, seemingly riding as a team were Chamber(2nd) and newcomer Jordan(3rd). Nick came in Fourth very shortly after.  Up next were Quinlan (5th) and Colby(6th).  Cyrus was lucky number seven.  Karma(8th) and OxMan(9th). Working as a team and sharing 10th place were Sarah & Jessie.

Accurate rankings above top 3 brought to you this week by the presence of a new clipboard.

4 5

At the podium this week’s top 3 thought it only right to include our Disqualified 1st place with an Honorable Mention, Kaya, in the photo and I totally agree. Especially considering I didn’t notice she had turned her head away in the group photo!  Apologies for my crappy camera work.  I’m a little shakey!

Podium4 podium3 Podium podium5

IMG_0161 IMG_0162

We had one Injury this week, so I ask all riders to remember if they have recently changed their bike to a fixed gear, they have to remember to peddle downhill.  The aptly name Karma now knows this all too well.


Still waiting on some Strava images to share here, so email me.  And please remember to post your best shots from the race on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, with the hashtag #RushHourAlleycat

Some of you asked about donations. I’m setting up a PayPal, Bitcoin Wallet, and I’ll put out a jar on the back of my bike next time, which is the fresh cold water station too.  I’m committed to keeping the event free, but there are small costs associated with putting it on.  I will never pressure you for a donation, please don’t mistake news that it is now possible with an aggressive solicitation.

2 3 6 7 8 10 11


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